The Subway in Rome

The Subway in Rome

The Subway  in Rome consists of a network of 3 lines A, B and C operated by ATAC.

The cost of the ticket varies according to the user’s needs:

  • € 1.50 for a valid ticket of 100 minutes
  • 7,00 € for a valid 24-hour ticket
  • 12,50 € for a valid 48-hour ticket
  • € 18.00 for a valid ticket of 72 hours
  • 24,00 € for a valid 7 day ticket

    Rome Subway

The Subway in Rome -Line A-

The A line of the Rome Metro is marked by the Orange color.

The 2 terminals are the Battistini Stop and the Anagnina Station.

Along the route most of the points of interest of the city follow each other, such as the Vatican (Station Cipro and Ottaviano), the Historical Center (Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna, Barberini and Repubblica), Termini Station and San Basilica John.

Choosing an accommodation near the Metro line A is definitely a good antidote to save time on visiting Rome.

The Subway in Rome -Schedule Line A-

  • First Departure 5:30
  • Last Departure 23:30

The Subway in Rome -Line B-

Metro Line B is marked by the Blue color.

In this case the terminals are 3: Laurentina, Ionio to the North and Rebibbia to the East.

So when a traveler climbs on the Metro, He has to be careful if he is a  train of Line B or Line B1.

The most popular tourist stations are the Stations: Termini, Tiburtina, Colosseum and Circus Maximus.

Other Stations that collect important points of interest for the city are: EUR (Business District) and Polliclinico (Umberto 1  Hospital and University of La Sapienza).

The Subway in Rome -Schedules B and B1-


First departure from Rebibbia for Laurentina on Saturdays and holidays is at 5.35;

Last Departure from Rebibbia for Laurentina at 23.28.


The first departure from Laurentina for Jonio is at 5.32 (at 5.33);

Last departure from Laurentina for Jonio last is at 23.26 (at 23.27)

The Subway in Rome  -Line C-

Line C of the Subway is marked by the Green color.

Compared to the other two lines is still being completed and at the moment has only 15 stations open in the stretch Montecompatri – Centocelle Park.

The main features of this new Metro line will be the extension out of the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the passage in Historic Center and the interchange with Line A at the San Giovanni stop and line B in the Colosseum stop.

The Subway in Rome – Tube Station Parking –

The Tube Station Parkings or “Parking and Ride” are managed from ATAC and  are close to some Metro Stops.

Park and Ride in Rome

The holders of the Metrebus subscription can use these types of parkings for  free.

These car parks are created to encourage the interchange of  private and public vehicles.

To find out the complete list of Interchange Car parks, please see the following link.

In many cases since early in the morning Tube Station Parkings are busy and they can’t be booked.

This is a bit because the places are inadequate and a bit because some residents take advantage of it.

A very little part of the Tube Station Parkings  are guarded by the ATAC Staff and Anyone  are  guarded for the entire 24 hours.

This results in some areas of abandonment zones and the perception of poor security by users.

Parkings close to the  Metro Stations in Rome

If you do not know where to park in Rome close the metro Stops, Parking Roma will offer you a peaceful stay without worrying about not finding a place for your car in a safe and secure car park.

Choose the car parking near the Metro Stop that will give you the best way to visit Rome:

Parking degli Eroi: Parking near the Cipro Metro Stop (150 mt)

Parking Prati: Parking near Ottaviano Metro Stop (300 mt) and Metro Lepanto Stop (350 mt)

Parking Appio: Parking near the Metro San Giovanni Stop (200mt)

Parking Tuscolo: Parking near Rome Metro Stop (400 mt)