Parking Rome blue lines

The blue lines are a mechanism of  parking’s charging on the street introduced in Europe in the early 80′ to redress the ever increasing demand for parking in residential areas, especially in the city’s main attractions.

Theoretically, in fact, the blue stripes increase the availability of parking, limiting the passive stopover, as the cars park for a long time, are penalized by an expensive daily payment and consequently induce drivers to look for a place for their car in urban areas of less importance where the blue stripes do not exist.

In this way the rotation of the car in the parking space increases, so it has a benefit both for the traffic flow improvement both for the improvement of air quality.

Parking on the blue lines in Rome is subject to payment of an hourly rate.

The cost is € 1.20 per hour in the ZTL zones and € 1.00 per hour outside the ZTL zones.

For stops within 15 minutes it’s provided a special price of 0,20 €.

In Rome a stopover on the blue stripes requires different payment methods:

  • Parking Meter Coin
  • Paper Titles available to buy in authorized points
  • Through Smartphone and mobile phone, this new method has the advantage  to pay the  parking only for the permanency time really used.

The companies that allow this service are:

For more information see the following link:

Schedules for payment differ according to the relevant areas, so we always suggest you to check the tables placed along roadways where you will leave your car in order to be sure if the payment is required.

In Rome several times the  long stops in the parking structure, especially in semi-central areas, can be cheaper than the blue lines and even greater savings can be achieved with monthly subscriptions.

The City of Rome has provided however exemptions for certain types of users who live in areas where it is required to pay the parking.

The permit free stopover on the blue stripes may be issued on request to Residents (max 2 cars per person), to Domiciled (max 1 car) and to the Craftsmen (max 1 car per craft).

To those who will be awarded the title of free parking on the blue stripes, it will be given feature crystal clear sticker that must be displayed on the windscreen of their vehicle to facilitate the local police’s checks.

For all conditions, the being authorized vehicles, the procedures and documentation required consult the following link :

The penalties for not paying the stopover on the blue stripes is € 41.00, while for anyone caught having paid only a fraction of his stop and was discovered by surveillance the penalty is 25.00 €.