Where to Park in Rome

Where to park in Rome is a question that many of us say when we get close to our destination.

And just there, when we arrive at our home, our work or a place we attend during leisure time that the  question where to park in Rome find the most creative solutions.  Infact finding parking in Rome  is never simple.

And we drivers, by dint of asking where to park in Rome and not finding very often the solution, we invent our own personal solution, perhaps choosing unconventional parking, perhaps sharing an infringement with other drivers …….

So riding around Rome, you could see parking over the sidewalk, in a double row, in front of the rubbish bins, on the pedestrian crossing, in front of driveways, on the lanes, in the spaces reserved for loading and unloading of goods etc.

Where to park in Rome, not here!!!

Where to park in Rome, not here!!!

These are just a few examples of some countermeasures drivers  take to overcome the requirement of parking and to satisfy an instinct: to leave our car in the closest place to our destination.

Life today, we know, is hysterical and stressful. We always run and looking for a place for our car or our motorbike is seen as a real waste of time. But if instead of running increasingly we stopped to think a moment, we would understand that these our behavior damaging our city and have social consequences no small matter.

In fact making any public place a possible parking area, engaging the intersections or occupying the reserved lanes, are all motorist’s coping mechanisms that do nothing more than slow down traffic, increasing congestion, with the consequent increase the rate of pollution in residential areas, causing serious damage to our health.

where to park in Rome, not here !!!

where to park in Rome, not here !!!

Also, when we park on the pedestrian crossing or close to the road intersections we  reduce visibility for drivers diminishing road safety and disadvantaging the weaker segments of the population such as the elderly, the new mother, the disabled and children .

Many citizens, weary of continuing our carelessness, have started to raise their voices and through various social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Many pages tell  the little virtuous behavior of motorists and  report with many images what happen on the Rome’s roads.

The public amministration , in the difficult task of remedying this situation, launched innovative initiatives such as Street Control and the portal “Io Segnalo” just to influence irregular stop phenomena.

Today’s article may sound a bit provocative, but the content only meant to be a moment of reflection for the reader; many times have not really civilized behavior has social heavy effects , even on those who adopt them.

Perhaps it would be enough a little bit of organization of our time and the adoption of new systems for travel as the modal shift in transport to be able to respond more adequately to the question where to park in Rome.