Rome Roads Traffic Ztl Metro Station and Parking

Rome Roads Traffic  Ztl  Metro Station and Parking , everything you need to know when you arrive in the city by car.

Rome is served by an important motorway called A90, known as well Grande Raccordo Anulare (G.R.A), that run similar to a circle  the city:

Three other motorways are connected with the G.R.A; the most important is A1, that joins Milan to Naples, the others are A91 Rome-Fiumicino-Civitavecchia and A24 Rome-Pescara.

Driving inside the G.R.A, in the very many roads that wrap Rome, could be stressful and hysterical, infact, Rome is the Italy’s second most congested city.

Most of historical and commercial zones are flocked with monuments, museums, offices, shopping areas, hotels and parks, thus, ascertaining an available space on the streets can be a time consuming endeavor.

The worst time to travel  is from Monday until Friday at noon time, the situation gets better during the week end.

Another important thing to contemplate when you are in Rome by your car is ZTL (Zone Traffic Limit) area.

The most important is ZTL Centro Storico and works every day from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays. Other ZTL zones are in Testaccio, San Lorenzo and Monti, the heart of nightlife of Rome:

With greatly busy streets, it may be better to find parking garages rather than to keep looking for street parking in Rome. (Is traffic in Rome that bad?)

So if you don’t want to face with the stress of roman traffic, we can help you.

We have car parkings in some key-point of city, close to the most important point of interest of the City and to the Metro Stops of Line A.

Parking close to the Metro Stops give you the opportunity to move very quickly around the City and to get the most famous places to visit in Rome.

Here the distances from car parkings of Parking Roma network  and the Metro Stations:

Parking Prati to Ottaviano Stop 200 mt and to Lepanto Stop 300mt

Parking degli Eroi to Cipro (Musei Vaticani) Stop 150mt (low price)

Parking Tuscolo to Re di Roma Stop 300mt

Parking Appio to San Giovanni Stop 100mt

Parking Marconi to Eur-Fermi Stop 1,2 km (Line B)

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